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We are so fortunate to have Breaking Midnight back performing their blend of rock and country a style that has made them so popular with show goers for the past 3 years.

Friday July 27th 2018   6 pm - 10 pm

A little about last years show, this is what the Reflector had to say


2018 show

two days in July

July 27th & July 28th  we transform a quite pastoral farm into a magical wonderland with acres of awe inspiring vintage trailers, if that wasn't enough we intertwine them with the finest merchants of super cool stuff!! Its the passion we have for saving a bit of the past for the future that makes this show a unique experience.

Clark County Talk 

COME for


We are fortunate to have a renowned expert that has been featured in magazines and newspaper articles as the rally organizer, she will be on hand to answer questions and help if you are in the market to own one of these icons for yourself.

Rene Perrett

Saturday July 28th 

shopping and open house 10 am - 5 pm

​free all day


​July 27th Early bird shopping $20.00

​buy tickets online and get in at 3:30

4pm - 7pm 

Breaking Midnight   6pm - 10pm